Whether it’s outstanding service, impeccable artistry or exquisite manufacturing, excellence can take many forms. But what a person defines as excellent also depends on his or her own individual taste. In the Editors’ Picks series, Worth staff members share their favorite products, services and experiences for you to look into this year. Click through to see senior editor Benjamin Reeves’ picks.


The Glenlivet Winchester Collection, Vintage 1966

A scotch for the ages.

Glenlivet made only made 100 bottles of this 50-year-old scotch, and at $25,000 per bottle, it’s not something to be drunk (or purchased) casually. Yet for the true connoisseur, the Vintage 1966 lives up to its price: Stunningly smooth, almost sweet at times, yet also spicy and redolent of cinnamon, citrus and licorice, it’s a unique experience. And it represents a half-century of care by Glenlivet’s master distillers. When it was first casked, the Beatles were the big thing. Now the big thing is…Kanye West? Drink and remember, or at least imagine, a different time.


$25,000, theglenlivet.com


Breitling Exospace B55 / Calendar Watch by What? Watch

Two smart new approaches to timekeeping.

Most people think of the Apple Watch when they hear the phrase “smartwatch,” but there’s a whole new class of related watches worth considering. Sometimes called “connected watches,” these timepieces bring some of the functionality of a phone to your watch, without straying too far from basic timekeeping functions. Breitling has made a particularly compelling version, the Exospace B55 (pictured, above left).It looks classically Breitling—aviation styling is at its core—but by pairing it with a smartphone, the watch gains added functionality. Time, date, alarms and time zones can be updated from the phone, while the watch can upload various split times and chronographic functions to the app and is able to notify you when you receive calls, texts and calendar alerts.

A less ambitious but stylish alternative for someone who wants to try connected watches is the Calendar Watch by What? Watch (pictured, above right).It adds just the right amount of functionality to be useful, but not so much that you feel like your entire digital life is on your wrist. The Calendar Watch pairs with your Google or Outlook calendars and subtly displays upcoming appointments on its face. You can also set it to give you a low-key vibrating warning when a new meeting is coming up.

Breitling Exospace B55, $8,900, breitling.com Calendar Watch by What? Watch, $299, whatwatch.com


Hermès Panthera Pardus Silk Shawl

Classic style with a philanthropic flourish.

The Panthera Pardus silk shawl from Hermès, depicting a leopard on the prowl and inspired by the work of French artist Robert Dallet, is not only a beautiful gift—it’s hard to go wrong with Hermès—but it also supports global conservation philanthropy Panthera .Hermès is donating the proceeds from the sale of this shawl to the nonprofit to aid its work fighting poaching and preserving big cat habitats. The corporate giving program is tied to Fierce and Fragile , a show of Dallet’s work sponsored by Hermès, which is traveling the world through 2017.


$1,100, usa.hermes.com


JF Men

Making heads turn.

Housed in the Loews Regency hotel, the men’s division of Julien Farel offers one of the best haircuts in New York. Frequented by media heavyweights and responsible for the hair of male competitors at the U.S. Open, the establishment caters to an elite clientele with quiet confidence. While the haircut, whatever your style, is usually perfect and executed quickly, one of the great appeals of the experience is the conversation. You’ll find that the stylists are more than game for a chat—and about more than the barbershop staples of sports and weather. When you make an appointment, I recommend asking for Jeffrey Yabut, master barber.

Cut and style, $80, julienfarel.com


2017 Genesis G90

A lap of luxury.

Genesis is the new luxury brand from Hyundai, but it has little in common with the South Korean manufacturer’s budget vehicles. Its styling is big, bold and striking; a double-winged emblem catches the eye and provides a quick visual cue that this is not a typical Hyundai. Inside, it’s quiet, exceedingly comfortable, and it sports some nice touches—like low red lights etched around the door handles that come on in the dark and illuminate the cabin without ruining your night vision. It’s clear that the design team pulled out all the stops with the G90, and the car is more than capable of taking on the German competition.

Starts at $68,100, genesis.com


Heady Topper

Heads up for beer.

This hoppy, floral Double IPA from Stowe, Vt.-based Alchemist Brewery, is one of the most-sought after craft brews in the country. That’s for good reason: Heady Topper tastes of summer, the Platonic ideal of a Double IPA. The only reliable way to buy it is at the brewery itself, and buyers are limited to four four-packs. There is a secondary market where it regularly retails for much, much more—if you can find it. If you are going to be in Stowe, check the Alchemist website to make sure they have it in stock.

$12.50 per four-pack, alchemistbeer.com