Copy of The Intertwined Relationship Between Wine & Climate Change

Climate change is disrupting the speed at which grapes grow and when they can be harvested.  Vineyards are also doing their part in trying to combat climate change with more sustainable practices. 

Join us for a virtual conversation with  Julia Jackson, an environmental advocate and second-generation vintner of Jackson Family Wines. Raised on the family’s mountain vineyards in Sonoma County, she has a deep respect for nature and sees herself as a custodian of the land. 

Following the conversation with Julia, you will hear from Bemberg Estate Wines‘ Chief Winegrower Marcelo Belmonte who will also take us through an exclusive curated tasting of their wines.  ​​​​Space is extremely limited, so please RSVP by Friday, July 16  to confirm your participation and to receive your wine prior to the event. Space is limited. Invitation is non-transferable.​​​​

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